agata martinik


My photos tell stories...the stories that dreams are made of.
I am a storyteller, and photographs are one of the very few tangible things we will have left to look back on those precious moments. Photography is my passion, so I strive to capture every last little detail, big or small in the most beautiful and artful way possible. I shoot very candid, raw and real images with a classic timeless feel.

Although I can absolutely shoot in artificial light, there is a special, dreamy quality that only natural light possesses. I specialize in shooting happy couples with the warm haziness of natural light filtering through the clouds and trees. 


I want to photograph the things that make you who you are, and the things that make your love unique. What makes each photo special is the memories attached to it, and my goal is to make those unique to you. 


I am not about capturing awkward prom poses and forced smiles. I want the real stuff - the stuff that’ll make you laugh till your cheeks hurt and the shots that will make your heart beat faster!

capturing memories

I commit everything I have to capturing real moments and to serving my couples. Choosing someone to capture your memories is a big deal, and I hope you’re ready to put your trust in me to bring you a collection of memories you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives. 


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Planning your wedding can be very stressful, but finding the perfect photographer doesn’t have to be. I hope you’ll contact me so we can chat about how we can make your day perfect. I look forward to discussing how we can work together to create the ideal wedding collection that you’ve been
 dreaming of!

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